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ZOLL AED 3 Fully Automatic


Product Description

ZOLL AED3 with Pads

Fully Automatic AED Designed for Lay and community responders.

Colour touchscreen LCD display, Program Management Onboard™, and Real CPR Help®. WiFi enabled for PlusTrac Cloud Connection, Case Review™, clinical event case push, and UTC synchronisation, IP55 rated and passes 1 metre drop test.




  • ZOLL AED 3 (Fully automatic)
  • CPR Uni-padz™ Universal (adult/paediatric) Electrodes (5-year Shelf Life)
  • ZOLL AED 3 Battery Pack
  • Documentation Kit (including Operators Manual, Quick Start Guide and Rescue Reference Poster
  • One free year of PlusTrac Program Management
  • 6 year standard warranty (additional 2 years with registration)