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Defibrillator Grants for SA Club’s – Active Club Program

Defibrillators for sporting club’s – put in your applications now! The Active Club Program offered by the Government of South Australia Office for Recreation and Sport has defibrillator grants on offer. There is an annual budget of $2,750,000 for the Active Club Program, and your club can be a part of that funding!

The Defibshop is well known for looking after sporting clubs and organisations not only in South Australia, but throughout Australia. So take a look at the following link for details and get your application in for the next round of funding that opens on the 12 August 2017 and closes on the 23 September 2017.

Active Club Program

The Defibshop is unique in that it stocks many different brands of models of AEDs, and it can provide you with a new AED for your club or organisation, or we can also assist you with consumables for whatever brand of unit you may already have.

Call the Defibshop on 1300 729 575 and ask to speak with your local Defibshop representative Jamie Boydon located right here in Adelaide! Or, send us an inquiry on the following link and we’ll get Jamie to call you!

Please contact me with more details on how the Defibshop can assist with our AED Sporting Club Package

The DefibshopProudly supporting sporting clubs throughout South Australia! 

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